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  • V-ME Media:

    V-me Media, LLC ("V-me") is a Spanish language television network that is distributed nationally via PBS-affiliate broadcast television stations, cable TV, satellite, and other emergent communications platforms. The network targets the US Hispanic market, and provides a mix of "high quality" original and acquired television programming including: kids, lifestyle, science, history, current affairs, arts, and movies.

  • maya
  • Thought Equity Motion:

    Thought Equity is the world’s largest supplier of online motion content, licensing and professional representation services to the agency, entertainment, and corporate production industries. The company has over 7 million hours of footage under management from over 400 content owners like Paramount, MGM, United Artists, DreamWorks, National Geographic, and NCAA.

  • thought equity motion
  • Outspark:

    Outspark is a micro-transaction based "virtual playground" that has successfully married compelling multi-genre online game play with community and personalization to offer users an entirely new and exciting online entertainment experience. Outspark’s world class team and innovative business model unites publisher, portal and platform capabilities.

  • Outspark
  • Proclivity Systems:

    Proclivity Systems is an information management company that leverages data to develop predictive insights for improving marketing and merchandise performance and drive consumer engagement.

  • Proclivity
  • CNN's Black in America: "Silicon Valley the New Promised Land"
    Click the image to the left to view a panel featuring Terry Jones, Syncom's Managing Partner, that explores the challenges faced by people of color when attempting to build successful start up companies. The panel was held immediately following CNN's Black in America: Silicon Valley the New Promised Land.